Which way is Calgary-North East going this election?

Calgary-North East is an electoral district that was just re-established in the 2019 election, but voters have been growing tremendously in this area. Both the NDP and UCP are competitive there.

Twelve thousand more people have registered for this election from the past four years,” said Gurinder Brar, NDP’s Calgary-North East MLA candidate. Elections Alberta reported that about 5,000 more people had registered by Feb. 2023.

Cityscape, Skyview Ranch, and Redstone in the northeast are some of the fastest-growing communities in Calgary.

“I believe that is one of the reasons that there is a jump in the number of electors,” said Brar.

Gurinder Brar, NDP’s northeast candidate is running for the first time in elections. (Photo courtesy of Gurinder Brar)

By Feb. 2023, 30,403 people had registered in Calgary-North East, reported Elections Alberta. However, Brar mentioned, “It is not 30,000, it is 40,000 this election.”

Immigrants are also playing a vital role in the rapid growth of this community. Improving immigration policy is highlighted by both the UCP and NDP candidates in their political campaigns.

“We are developing a new dedicated Alberta Advantage Immigration Program pathway for medical professionals who have a job offer from an Alberta health-care sector employer and who meet the minimum requirements to practice in their profession in Alberta,” Rajan Sawhney, the Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, told the Calgary Herald.

“We will make sure there is a consistent and smooth path of transition of their credentials from the country they come from,” said Brar.

Over the last four years, Sawhney served as the UCP MLA for Calgary-North East. She is now running in Calgary-North West. Inder Grewal, an entrepreneur, is taking her place as the UCP’s Calgary-North East candidate.

“I made a very difficult choice back in February not to run for re-election and there were a number of personal considerations that I won’t get into,” Sawhney told the Calgary Herald.

When asked to predict the results, most of Calgary-North East’s residents are either supporting the NDP or the UCP.

“I cannot imagine Danielle Smith as a premier for four more years,” said Khushdeep Kaur, a daycare worker.

Half of the residents are hoping for Calgary and the provincial government to complete the C-train Blue Line extension. Calgary Transit plans to extend the northeast leg 7.5 km to 96 Avenue, Country Hills, 128 Avenue, and Stoney Trail.

“I think that any party that supports the completion of the Blue Line from Saddletowne might be the party I support,” said Namreet Sidhu, a resident of Redstone. “It is difficult for me as a student to travel from Redstone.”

Though neither political party has the Blue Line in their campaign, it is a tiebreaker for young residents of Calgary-North East like Sidhu.

Sawhney was not available for comment on the completion of the Blue Line.

The City of Calgary has plans to extend the C-Train’s Blue Line in the northeast. (Photo by Sumeet Singh Sidhu/ The Press)
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