Calgary celebrates the Korean Cultural Heritage Festival

The Students performing Taekwondo (Chan Lee- Tae Kwon Do) at the Bella Concert Hall on May 21, 2023. There were 27 students performing. (Photo by Harshpreet Kaur/ the Press).

The Korean Cultural Heritage Festival is celebrated by the Calgary Korean Women Association every year. In 2023, this festival was celebrated in the Bella Concert Hall at Mount Royal University on May 21.

Over 100 people attended this special event with their family and friends. In this exciting program, a number of dancers and artists from South Korea performed.

This event was open for anyone to broaden their understanding of Korean culture. The festival also offered different varieties of Korean food and snacks. The event showcased a variety of traditional music, dance, and martial arts.

Performers were awarded trophies and bouquets. The faces of the awarded children and performers were over the moon.

After the award presentation, the audience was treated to a mesmerizing display of Korean drumming and traditional Korean dances. These dances included the Sal Puri, Seonbi, fusion dance, duet dance, dragon dance, and many others. The traditional music group performed Harmony Guzheng, Korean saxophone, and Chinese flute.

“I enjoyed it very much. It is great to learn about different cultures, And really, really enjoyable,” said Evaan Yoon, who volunteers at the airport.

This picture demonstrates the art of Dragon Dance performed at the Bella Concert Hall to celebrate the Korean Cultural Heritage Festival on May 21, 2023. This Dance is performed by a team of experienced dancers. (Photo by Harshpreet Kaur/ the Press).

One of the highlights of this event is the Lion Dance, which is performed by six-to-seven groups of people during Korean festivals. The dance involves people wearing colourful lion costumes and dancing to drum beats. After finishing this performance, they distribute Satang, a Korean candy, to all the children in the hall.

“I think in terms of the Korean culture, because it was a divided country, it has kind of two different aspects in terms of the general culture for Korea. Now, it just seems like it’s kind of come into one, or it has bits of both kinds of nations,” said Daniel Kim, a performer. “That’s also very nice to see.”

At this event, people learned about the traditions and culture of the Korean community.

“Being Asian History Month, I would just like to attend as many Asian-oriented themed festivals this month so I can immerse myself with my culture,” said Verona Maah, an employee at a software engineering company. “I’m a strong believer in intercultural communications.”

Daniel Kim holding a bouquet after being awarded for his performance at Bella Concert Hall on May 21, 2023. He performed Samul Nori, which is played with four traditional Korean instruments. (Photo by Harshpreet Kaur/ the Press).



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