U/D Night Market is a hotspot for food and art lovers

New District Central Plaza in Calgary is ready to host the UD Night Market 2023. (Photo by Kunal Sehdev/The Press)

The University District Night Market is a bustling destination for Calgarians, located in the new community’s central plaza in the northwest.

In collaboration with Market Spot, the night market has provides an exciting experience of live music and shopping for a wide range of products, supporting about more than 20 vendors.

“This is my first time in here,” said Amber. “I was blown away by the energy and diversity in here.

“One of my favourite parts was food stalls and handmade crafts that were so unique.”

The price of this event? Free.

Visitors can participate in activities, shop the products and try multi-cuisine food stalls.

The U/D Night Market runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on select dates from May to September, making it a popular visiting spot in the city.

Since the market is crowded, the organizers provided free parking for all the people who drive from afar. Additionally, the venue is wheel-chair accessible, in hopes that all the visitors can enjoy the event.

The night market features a number of stalls to shop from including, food stalls ranging from bakery snacks to exotic world cuisines, handmade crafts and arts, gift stores, clothing store with vintage look, scented soaps and candles.

To all the local artisans, it is important to note that this event gives a good opportunity for small businesses to get recognition for their unique products and exposure to a wider audience.

Not only that, the market also serves as a hotspot for cultural activities like music, art and dance, giving a chance for local artists to expose themselves to a wider audience.

The artisan market such as Wonderland Jewellery is a must visit for all the clothing and accessory lovers. The stalls provide a range of unique accessories made of beads, leather and feather with a look of vintage and modern fusion. The market also features self-designed T-shirts, dresses and scarves and other clothing.

In addition, there are skincare and cosmetics products also available. A stall named Vada Beauty, offers a range of skincare products to trendy makeup, may it be a signature perfume or a wild lipstick shade, also providing organic cosmetics. It is surely an attraction spot for women.

One of the standouts is the handmade soap stall named Latus Soap offering a skin-friendly, sweet odour, natural and organic soap products.

“Our handmade soaps are not just a cleansing product; they give a wonderful experience for your skin. We use only the natural and organic ingredients such as shea butter, lavender and essential oils to nourish and rejuvenate your skin,” said Taylor Teskey, the Latus Soap vendor.

“Our soaps are not just for your skin; they are good for the environment too, as we use eco-friendly packaging. We aim to be the difference.”

Along with handmade soaps, there were also scented candles available. ‘The White Mountain Candle Co.’ by Laura Metcalfe, one of the popular along with Gracie’s soaps stalls, offered a range of beautifully scented candles made with natural waxes such as soy wax and essential oils. It is one of best gits to buy home as it is also paraben free.

I believe that art should not only be beautiful but also resourceful.

Amber Flowers, Givygift Shop and Emma Justine Art were among the best options for unique gifting. The combination of scented candles and colourful flowers truly made the market a sensory experience.

Visitors could also find a wide variety of handcrafted material, specially few of which were recycled art works from papers, metals and scrap materials carrying a message of creativity and sustainability.

“I believe that art should not only be beautiful but also resourceful,” said artist Richelle Keel. “By using materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, I hope to inspire others to think about the environment in more conscious way.

“Through my art, I hope to show that beauty exists even in unexpected places.”

The night market was not just about shopping but also about many food stalls, one of which is Isla Bakery offering fresh products and baked goods, including pastries, croissants, and breads.

The food vendors offered a variety of cuisines, from classic Canadian dishes to dishes from around the world, such as Mexican tacos and Korean barbecue.

The University District Night Market is a bustling hub of shops and vendors. (Photo by Kunal Sehdev/The Press)

Visitors also had a chance to explore a few varieties of alcoholic beverage, with beer and wine tasting showcasing their fine products giving a chance to discover new favourites.

Whether the visitors were of first timers or not, with so many options to choose from, there was something exciting for everyone.

“I absolutely loved the variety of food options,” Baker said, “The tacos were incredible with fusion of tangy flavours.”

The live music and entertainment part of the night market featured artists like Chris Brennan and other bands adding to the lively atmosphere. Jason Circus and PlayShop was exclusively designed for children, offering interactive play activities.

The Circus show was one of the main attractions of the market, providing great entertainment that filled smiles and laughs on both kids and adults alike.

The crowd were impressed by local artist’s talent and skills like plate spinning, juggling and many more. This gave a festive atmosphere for all the visitors.

The night market is a bustling hub of shops and activities, with each vendor bringing out their own style to the market creating vibrant surrounding attracting every passer-by.

The stalls themselves were neatly presented and decorated with colourful banners. Whether you want to shop or just walk around to soak in the lively ambiance. Night market is just a perfect way to spend with family and friends, or even by oneself.

Jason Circus is one of the exciting happening at University District Night Market. (Photo by Kunal Sehdev/The Press)
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