The Calgary Wala Engine continues to defy age

Ajeet Singh Bains' passion for fitness and helping others has kept him in incredible shape over the years.

GYM RAT: Gym-goer Ajeet Singh Bains poses for a photo in Fit4less. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/SAIT)

A jeet Singh Bains, also known as the Calgary Wala Engine, is a 53-year-old cab driver who has defied age by staying in tremendous shape.

People used to only work out to stay fit but as times have changed, the meaning of fitness has also changed. There is now also a large pressure to look good.

Singh is a mixture of both. He not only works out to stay healthy but also to stay happy.

“When I am entering the gym, I don’t think of it as a gym but as a wedding or a party,” said Singh. “I consider this place as my home and family.”

WORKING OUT: Ajeet Singh Bains does a tricep dip in Fit4less. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/SAIT)

Singh started working out at the early age of nine, and after hitting a few bumps in his fitness journey he has been consistent in the gym since 2009.

Singh was introduced to the gym by his brother, BK.

The most important thing when it comes to staying fit and working out is the motivation behind it. Every person needs a reason to stay fit and Singh had many.

Jay Dhillon who is a friend of Singh says he can’t believe that he is 53 years old.

“What a fantastic person he is,” said Dhillon. “I still remember we had a workout together and that was the best work out of my life.”

A gym is a place where you can find a lot of people from different religions and communities, but Singh is the kind of person who has made the gym his religion and community.

Growing up, like many teenagers, Singh started working out to look good. Now the motivation has changed, and it is for his mom.

“I work out for her,” he said.

Singh is a very family-oriented person.

“If you don’t love your parents, you cannot love anyone else, even yourself,” said Singh.

TRAINING SESSION: Ajeet Singh Bains discusses how to do a certain exercise properly in Fit4less. (Photo by Paritosh Hirulkar/SAIT)

Singh tries to make friends with every single person in the gym. He goes up to newcomers and helps them with their exercises.

Because of his fitness, Singh may look intimidating to those who don’t know him based on his physique, but he is a very friendly person and he considers everyone in the gym as his little brothers and sisters.

He helps them out exactly how his older brother BK helped him — out of love.

“Looking [at] him exercise in the gym gives me energy and I have no idea how,” said Haiya Sitlani, who also works out at Fit4less. “He is just so energetic and the way he treats the other people in the gym is just fantastic.”

Singh wants people to work out in a way that makes them happy and that’s his advice to the younger generation.

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