SAIT students embrace the library

Library staff: Kristian McInnis poses in his office in the library in the Stan Grad building at SAIT. McInnis is the user services coordinator at SAIT (Photo by Ricardo Calala/The Press).

After a few years of virtual classes and isolation, SAIT students are eager to rediscover the joys of in-person learning.

In a world where information can be gathered with just a few clicks, it could be assumed that libraries are gradually becoming less relevant, However, libraries have resources that might not be easily accessible on the internet.

SAIT has seen an increase in students spending time at the library according to Kristian McInnis, the user services coordinator in the Reg Erhardt Library located at SAIT.

“By observation, it seems like we have more students who are spending more time at the library,” said McInnis. “Whereas maybe previously, students would come in and they’d meet with a group, or they study for a little bit between classes.”

The library’s comeback in usage has been a continuous endeavour. The library plays an important role for students who need support through academic difficulties.

Many institutions are currently addressing the challenges students experience. Libraries have developed into more than just a centre for academic cohorts, but also a place where relationships are moulded.

The library also remains an oasis for SAIT students who need academic support in an era of constant digital distractions. Some students recognize the need for a digital detox and SAIT has guaranteed that the library is a safe space to do that.

McInnis noted during the school year the campus can be a very loud and busy place.

“At least in the library, it’s a little quieter.”

Library staff: Kristian McLnnis poses in his office located in the library in the Stan Grad building at SAIT. McInnis is the User Service Coordinator at SAIT (Photo by Ricardo Calala/The Press).
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