‘You can do anything’: SAIT international student starts baking business and thrives

Small-scale entrepreneur Jasleen Ragbotra, is captured at her home while making a new order of red velvet cake on Nov 30, 2023. Jasleen is a student at SAIT with a keen interest in baking. (Photo by Akshita/The Press)

Jasleen Ragbotra has taken destiny into her own hands.

Ragbotra, an international student at SAIT, always wanted to pursue baking. When the baking and pastry arts program at SAIT filled quickly, she decided instead to pursue journalism. But rather than give up her dreams, Ragbotra has started her own baking business, defying the odds to blaze a path as an entrepreneur.

“By selling (baked goods), I have reassured myself, ‘You can do anything,’” said Ragbotra. “I can make enough money from this to cover my daily costs, at least for now.”

For Ragbotra, it all started with a hankering for cake.

“I was sitting all alone at home and started having a sudden craving for cheesecake,” she said. “I began exploring by searching cafes near me and found a very cute café. The aroma of the bakery attracted me.

“It was that moment when I decided to start up with my own freshly served cakes.”

Ragbotra began this new adventure selling her cakes from a small café called Bake-O-Graphy, located in northeast Calgary.

She started by letting her friends rate her cakes and brownies, which encouraged her even more. Her commitment to making delicious delicacies was a hit with her friends, increasing the word-of-mouth of the bakery’s renown throughout her community.

Ragbotra offers a wide selection of cheesecakes, brownies, cakes and cookies on order. Her small-scale business has become heaven for those who order in a short time and want eggless cakes at a decent price.

The business aims to provide a warm atmosphere, where people come together to enjoy delicious pastries and build relationships. Ragbotra wants to create an environment where people can feel the coziness and happiness of handcrafted goods.

“I order her cakes every week,” said regular customer Nikita Jalota. “It is so flavorful and delicious that I have no words to say and she offers everything at a decent cost.

“I and my family love to have brownies with ice cream. It has turned into an all-time dessert since we first tried it.”

In light of the difficulties encountered by many overseas students looking for work, Ragbotra’s attempt is an example of resilience and flexibility. Many people who are negotiating uncertain professional routes can relate to her inspirational story.

In addition to overcoming the hardship of job opportunities for students, Ragbotra’s start-up offers hope.

Small-scale entrepreneur: Jasleen Ragbotra whisks the batter for a new order of red velvet cake on Nov 30, 2023. (Photo by Akshita Duggal/The Press)
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