‘Technology is ever-changing’: SAIT library rents VR headsets to students

Librarian: Indrai Nath sits at her desk on November 27, 2023. Taken November, 27th 2023.

Immersive virtual realities are a new frontier of learning for students at SAIT.

The school is on the cutting edge of this wave and the Reg Erhardt Library, located on the main campus, has virtual reality (VR) headsets students can take home for up to three days. Students can use these headsets to play up to seven games that are both educational and fun.

“Technology is ever-changing,” said SAIT copyright technician Indrani Nath. “I think the main purpose (of the headsets) is for students and staff to have a chance to experience VR technology.”

Virtual reality (VR) is the use of computer imaging that can enable a person to interact with an artificial, three-dimensional environment. It is often accomplished with the usage of headsets and gloves.

Nath says VR only became available to students in 2021.

“It is very popular with the students and staff, especially right before long breaks and Christmas,” she said.

The VR headsets are a great tool for students to learn many different subjects in a fun way.

“(Students) can educate themselves in many different subjects such as health, safety and tourism,” said Nath.

The headsets are free to rent for a maximum of three days. However, there are consequences for not returning them in time.

“There is an overdue charge,” said Nath. “If you are late returning it, you will get fines added to your account.”

Each headset has pre-installed games, making it easier for students to start the experience. It is important to be considerate of your surroundings when in virtual reality, however.

“We usually recommend taking them home or where there’s no furniture,” said Nath. “We’ve had people in the past who bumped into things when they play on campus.”

VR can be beneficial for students. It can enhance the campus experience and allow students to have fun on their breaks while also becoming familiar with new technology.

“It’s important that the students can experience new technologies that might one day find their place in the workplaces they will end up in,” said Nath.

SAIT students like Berlin Kreutzer didn’t know about VR. In an interview, she discusses her interest in using VR.

“VR sounds so exciting and fun,” said Kreutzer. “I want to tell my other friends at SAIT.”

Kreutzer and other students in the community are discovering how VR can bring everyone closer for a fun, interactive experience at SAIT. 

Librarian: Indrani Nath smiles at the camera after an interview in the Stan Grad building on November 27th, 2023.
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