‘People here are really helpful’: SAIT open house called a success

SAIT volunteers poses for a picture at heritage hall in Calgary on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. They are helping parents and students to know more about college (Image: Jagjit Singh Sohal/The Press)

As the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) held their open house event for the fall intake on March 9, the outcome was a win for the institution.

SAIT holds open houses to help parents and students understand what it is like to be a student. The event saw prospective students take tours of the campus and sit in on information sessions and receive advice.

Around 1,000 people attended this event, including alumni, parents and upcoming students who are graduating from high school.

“Not only do they get information with regard to the specific programs that they want, they also get to meet their future instructors,” said Abby Lorenzo, a school of construction student.

The event covered all the programs SAIT offers for both domestic and international students. It was organized by SAITSA, volunteers and SAIT officials. The institutions website says there is a 91 per cent employment rate for graduated students, 87 per cent of graduates would recommend the college and $5 million is invested in scholarships, bursaries and awards each year.

Abby Lorenzo poses for a picture at heritage hall in Calgary on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. She is a SAIT student from school of construction helping students to learn more about the program (Image: Jagjit Singh Sohal/The Press)

Events during the open house included campus tours and info sessions and visitors were sharing their experiences throughout the day.  The excitement in their eyes was visible and there was relief on parents’ face when they learned about the financial aid that could make their child’s education more affordable.

The open house was not just a chance for SAIT to show off its programs, it was also about making connections.  When a group of alumni had a laugh and shared their advice with a circle of people, it demonstrated that college isn’t just a place to learn, this is where students build connections coming from different backgrounds and cultures.

“People here are really helpful.” said Aman Ahmed, an upcoming hospitality and management student. I was confused with two other courses, but talking to these people gave me a really good idea of what exactly I need to do and which one I can go in for.

“I would say it’s  definitely a successful for people like me, talking to people like these and actual students and actual teachers is really, really helpful. I would say it’s a really good success.” he added.

As the day wrapped up, it was clear that the open house was a success for college. SAIT’s image for upcoming students had been made  clear. In addition to such a strong community and support system, it’s no wonder that SAIT grads are out there making a mark in the world.

Michelle Conlu poses for a picture at heritage hall in Calgary on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. She is a business administration program student helping visitors for their inquiries (Image: Jagjit Singh Sohal/The Press)
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