SAIT helps students find their travel Destinations

Stephanie Mercredi an instructor in the tourism program at SAIT in John Ware building on April.2,2024 (Photo by Lubhavni Otwal/The Press)

Destinations is a student-run travel agency started in September 2012 at SAIT, with second-year travel and tourism students staffing the agency in their third semester as part of a practicum.

Destinations provides quotes and budget-friendly deals and offers to students, providing flights, hotels deals, cars rentals, travel packages, cruises, rail and about everything except insurance.

“The only thing that we have that’s different from any other agency other than the lower service fees, is we can offer them a discount,” said Stephanie Mercredi an instructor in the tourism program.

Travelling through Destinations supports student learning as it is one of the few hands-on centres  and gives students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the first year of the program.

Destinations is different by other travel agencies because they try to give the best and the least expensive quotes, and they also have lower service fee as compared to other travel agencies.

And destination is run by students who can understand other students’ needs and demands and can suggest them accordingly.

As a school with a status of being among the best in hospitality and tourism in Canada, it is important to have Destinations lead students to know what exactly a travel agency looks like.

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