Spice Girls tribute band ‘Wannabe’ rocks The Gateway

On Oct. 6, Wannabe, a Spice Girls tribute band, rocked to the Gateway at SAIT while on tour for the 20 anniversary of Spice World.

Wannabe started five years ago and had planned to do a one-off show for friends and family in Toronto.

But they were surprised when the Toronto Star newspaper caught wind of their show, and interviewed them.

“We were completely caught off guard,” said Suzy Wilde, who performs as Posh Spice in Wannabe.

Since then, the band has blown up into what they are now, touring around all of Canada and the U.S., and even starting to tour in the Middle East.

Wannabe consists of five Canadian girls acting as the Spice Girls, and a six-piece backup band.

For the 20 anniversary of the Spice Girls’ film Spice World, Wannabe has added new songs from the movie, new outfits, and have a brand new set list of Spice Girls and other 90’s nostalgia songs.

“We’ve revamped the whole thing,” said Wilde.

Wilde said they really enjoy the nostalgia of playing these roles, and they love performing for all generations.

“Every little girl was a wannabe spice girl and those little girls have grown up,” said Wilde.

What Wannabe loves about the Spice Girls is the friendship, girl power, how they are fearless, unapologetic, and how they absolutely love the songs.

Other people, like Reid Haggis, love the Spice Girls for the girl power and their music.

“They really represent girl power,” said Haggis.

He said he also loves the Spice Girls because of the sense of freedom and joy that is in the music and performances.

Wilde says they all love the nostalgia of performing Spice Girls and other 90’s girl power artists.

“It’s like breathing new life into an old relic,” said Wilde.

Haggis said he loves the nostalgia of Wannabe performing Spice Girls.

“It was like a time warp,” said Haggis.

Haggis has been a fan of the Spice Girls since 1997 when he was five.

“I remember dancing around my living room to it and jumping on my couch,” said Haggis.

Haggis really enjoyed Wannabe and how they put everything together from the set list, to the live band, to the covers of other 90’s artists, especially their cover of Lady Marmalade originally performed by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink.

As for Wannabe, Haggis said they are talented and put on an amazing show.

“They were all really great vocalists and really celebrated the 90’s spirit,” said Haggis.

Wannabe will sometimes have all ages shows where they will see people in their 20’s, elderly people, women, guys, and little girls.

Wilde said it’s like multiple generations coming together to celebrate and she thinks that is pretty cool.

“There’s a really great energy from the crowd,” said Wilde.

They said they want to see people dressed up and having fun as well, and bringing friends to join in the celebration.

“Join us in the girl power celebration,” said Wilde.


It’s like breathing new life into an old relic. – Suzy Wilde

“Our dream is to play in the U.K.,” said Wilde.

They would also love to play in Asia because they feel the culture there is really big on the type of music they do.

Wilde said they have some wild times, but in the end meet so many amazing people, and they are ready to perform for everyone and have fun.

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