ICT students show their pride in white t-shirts

SAIT’s School of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) marked the beginning of the fall 2017 semester with its annual White T-shirt Day on Sept. 15.

This year’s event marked the 11th White T-shirt Day, with each passing year proving again the spirit of the ICT community.

Marketing and communications co-ordinator Mo Keshavjee, who organized the event, was in attendance wearing a white shirt with his name on it, and said he was happy with the turnout.

“It was fantastic. Just as good as last year,” said Keshavjee.

“I didn’t have a count, but I assume we had almost 1,000 people.”

The event began as a way to bring the school of ICT together, and to give students and faculty a sense of community.

“It’s about community, it’s about family,” said Keshavjee.

White T-shirt Day has continued to grow in popularity. During the event’s first couple of years it attracted just a few hundred people, whereas last year’s turnout was around 1,2oo.

“We had students from other schools who wanted to be part of this and couldn’t. This is an exclusive club, When you belong to the school of ICT, membership has its privilege,” said Keshavjee.

The atmosphere in the Irene Lewis Atrium was electric as hundreds of students wearing white t-shirts filtered in before the group photograph.

Jaden Andalis, a second-year Graphic Communications and Print Technology student, who attended the event, said he was excited to participate.

“It’s nice to be a part of something. One day I will get to say I graduated from ICT,” he said.

Andalis said he is proud to be a member of the ICT community, and to represent the future of communications technology.

“It’s a great opportunity to get yourself out there and represent your school,” said Anadalis.

“I had to show my pride again, how could I not? I really felt like we all had a collective mentality, we all support each other.”


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