Local chefs gearing up to bring good grub right to your door

Recently, more and more food prep and delivery services have been popping up around Calgary.

Services like Skip the Dishes and UberEats are gaining popularity with the young working professional crowd in the city.

Meaghan Kathrine, a certified holistic nutritionist, is about to join the rush, launching a brand new company called Better Prep, in early April.

Her meal prep business focuses on healthy, locally sourced foods that are affordable for families and individuals alike.

“Knowing local farms and how to shop a farmers’ market effectively can still be done at a reasonable price,” Kathrine said in a recent interview.

“One of the reasons I wanted to start this business is because people are busy and it’s not only that they don’t know what or how to eat, it’s about convenience.”

Once launched, Better Prep will have access to an industrial-sized kitchen and enough staff to be able to accommodate up to 100 meals a week, delivered around the city.

Cherise Cullen is the events co-ordinator for a catering company called Fresh Kitchen, based in Ogden, in southeast Calgary.

She handles everything from the menu development, to on-site staffing, managing clients and pairing wines and cocktails.

“Busy families that usually take the kids to McDonalds or Subway are now using our services and saving money,” said Cullen in an interview.

The firm specializes in everything from small corporate office lunches to working with the intricate details of a large 800-person cocktail and small bites reception.

“People are busy and we don’t want to fill our stomachs with pre-made and/or fast foods.”

Cullen says she can foresee other catering and food preparation businesses popping up in Calgary, as there is a strong demand for the service.

Many people in the city are looking for alternatives to the quick drive-through restaurant meal that could be harming their health in the long run.

“I wish there were more healthy foods that could be delivered to my door,” said Emma Kolbuc.

Kolbuc is a student at Mount Royal University. With a tight budget, she finds it hard to get delivery food that’s healthy, delivered fast, is ready to eat and is affordable.

“Sometimes you just don’t feel like eating a big pizza from the corner store.”

Many of these budding businesses are now choosing to accommodate a more health-conscious audience, offering local ingredients without chemicals or preservatives.

“Comfort food, especially in North America, is huge,” said Kathrine.

“Making comfort food that tastes good and isn’t packed full of preservatives is pretty high up on my list of values.”

Other food services in Calgary include Foodora, DoorDash, HungryEats, Just Eat, Healthy Chef Delivery, Lean on Meals and Eatzy.

Organic Onions: Meaghan Kathrine whips up a mean chilli on Feb. 9, 2018. She is launching her food prep business, Better Prep, in April. Her services focus mainly on getting people the best bang for their buck when it comes to ordering ready-made organic and local meals right to their doors. (Photo by Jessie Foster/The Press)
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