Coffee, treats and meows on the menu at Regal Cat Cafe in Sunnyside

Regal Cat Café in Hillhurst-Sunnyside opened up its doors in June 2017 and it offers more than just coffee and treats for Calgarians needing a little extra love.

The café, at 303 10th St. N.W., offers a space to view, relax, or play with resident kitties just minutes from SAIT.

“Opening day we had a line-up down the street,” said Alana Parsons, cat care specialist at Regal Cat Café.

“We had a really successful 2017.”

Owners Tia and Kevin Wieler loved cats so much they decided to open a space for people to enjoy the comforts of feline companionship while having a cup of coffee or tea.

“The idea actually came from Japan,” says Parsons.

There have been a lot of animal cafes that have opened up in Canada,  primarily cat cafes.”

The idea is to encourage adoption and get people to have a fun time with the cats.

Regal Cat Café makes every hot drink with a touch of “cat latte art” for their cat-loving clientele.

“The cat cuddles are why they come in here in the first place, so everything else is just a bonus,” says Parsons.

Regal partners with the Meow Foundation, a cat-focused no-kill charity that rescues, cares for and adopts stray and abandoned cats in Calgary.

“We get as many cats adopted as possible,” says Parsons.

“Essentially, every cat that has come into the café has been adopted.”

Only the most sociable and best of the best cats come to Regal Cat Café to make sure the experience for customers is great and also helps the cats find the right owners.

Weekends get busy at the café.

There is a date night special on Valentines Day and theme nights with the cats. Yoga and kitty paint nights are also popular.

To guarantee cuddle time, reservations can be made online at

Doors Open: Regal Cat Cafe in Calgary on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. Regal Cat Cafe opened in June, 2017 to big ‘meows.’ (Photo by Aly Khan/The Press)
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