Some employees are anxious about returning to work

New Normal: Fozia Ahmad sorts through emails and appointments in Calgary on May 25. Ahmad is a receptionist at a physiotherapy clinic. She’s put out a hand sanitizer at the front desk for clients to use. (Photo by Sadia Chaudhry/The Press)

The cornavirus pandemic brought many new restrictions, leading some people to work from home and others to be temporarily laid off.

With many businesses now reopening, some workers are reluctant to return to work, concerned that their safety may be at risk.

Vanessa Tran is one of many individuals in Calgary who has returned to work. Working at Gong Cha, a bubble tea business, her job was put on pause when a case was confirmed near her work.

“At first I was scared to return, not knowing how our system was going to work,” said Tran. But after working for a few weeks, she’s more confident with the new regulations put in at work.

Many people feel calmer going to work now knowing that they must keep following the government’s workplace restriction guidelines. Tran’s workplace now slides their food and drinks through slots for customers to pick up, practicing social distancing. The staff also have been disinfecting anything that comes into contact with people, including money.

Like many Calgarians, Maha Syed has been working remotely from home.

Syed is the environmental health and safety coordinator at Sealweld. Her office recently opened up to the employees.

Syed said that staff members are encouraged to stay at home and only come to the office if necessary. If they do come into the office, they must follow the government’s workplace guidelines.

“We have a few rules to follow when going to the office, like wearing a mask when going into common areas and maintaining social distancing,” said Syed.

Some people could not work from home during the pandemic, like Fozia Ahmad, who works as a receptionist at a physiotherapy clinic. She took time off from work in the beginning but soon started to realize that life for others would be better if she continued her work.

We follow Alberta health service guidelines and keeping everything sanitized. – Fozia Ahmad.

As long as businesses and employees follow the safety guidelines and protocols set by the provincial health department, employees may return to work.

Take care of yourself and others by following the government’s workplace guidelines.