New to Calgary? Bring the lotion

Calgary’s dry weather: Purnima Kumra, a student of Bow Valley College, applies moisturizer on her skin in her house, which is located in northeast Calgary on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. Kumra uses moisturizer to get rid of the dryness that occurs due to the dry weather in Calgary. (Photo by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)

Every Calgarian is familiar with the unpredictable weather here and knows the tips and tricks to protect themselves. However, people who are born and brought up in other countries are not familiar with this and face many difficulties.

Purnima Kumra is a student at Bow Valley College and doing a course on interior decorating. She came to Calgary just a month ago, from Punjab, India. Purnima shared that she likes services in Calgary like transportation and banking. On the other hand, she said, she is facing difficulties because of the weather in Calgary.

“I cannot … believe like how the weather changes really very quick,” said Kumra.

Kumra said her skin becomes dry and harsh because of the weather, which makes it difficult for her to go outside. Additionally, Kumra said that she also faces issues with her hair falling out, which she thinks is because of the heating systems. In addition, she said that because of the windy weather she feels a problem with headaches and body pain.

Kumra shared, that she is using vitamins to cure herself of headaches and body pain, which occurs due to Calgary’s weather. Moreover, she said to prevent herself from dryness, now she is using a cream or a moisturizer to get rid of dry and harsh skin and eats vitamins to prevent hair falls.

Hiromi Yamamura is from Tokyo, Japan. She said she has been in Canada for the last five years and in Calgary for the last two summers. She said that she does not feel many difficulties because of Calgary’s weather, only the dryness.

I cannot … believe like how the weather changes really very quick. – Purnima Kumra

“It’s really hard to do gardening, I found the winter is very cold”, said Yamamura.

Yamamura said she feels skin dryness and cough problems due to Calgary’s weather. And to cure herself of dryness she uses butter for her skin. Yamamura said she always encourages herself to go outside during the winter.

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