Day in the Life

As seen through the eye’s of SAIT’s second-year photojournalism students, A Day in the Life of SAIT 2019 provides a glimpse of what happens on our campus in a single day. [ READ MORE ]


November Pictures of the Month – 11/01 to 11/15

Throughout the month of November, our students continued to produce a large volume of storytelling images. This month we’ve split up our Pictures of the Month galleries into two galleries. One gallery for the first half of November, and another gallery for the second half of of the month. We hope you enjoy these latest galleries of life on campus, and around the city of Calgary. [ READ MORE ]


September Pictures of the Month

From the Calgary Zoo’s Iluminasia Lantern & Garden Festival, to the SAIT Trojan’s women’s and men’s hockey and soccer teams – the opening month of our students’ photographic monthly feature, The Pictures of the Month, is a nice collection of images shot by our second year journalism and photojournalism students. Check out the gallery below for a nice beginning to our photographic year. [ READ MORE ]