Fly straight to the Destinations Centre for a great deal on a trip

The 2017-18 holiday season has arrived and snowbirds at SAIT have the opportunity to get the best flight deals of the season directly from the Destinations travel centre on campus.

Mexico, Las Vegas, and the Czech Republic have some good flight deals that we are selling,” Christine Obias, a second-year Travel and Tourism student at SAIT, said in a recent interview.

“A lot of people tend to go to Mexico.

“Puerto Vallarta, Cancun are popular.”

Obias said Air Canada, WestJet and KLM offer the best deals during the holiday season and those deals help students and staff at SAIT get out of the cold and into the sun, or just back home to their families all over the country.

“I did a 10-day package for a student to Mexico for $1,300 all-inclusive which is sweet,” said Obias.

Buying tickets in advance is the best policy as air fare can get very expensive one week in advance of a flight.

So why book from the Destinations Centre instead of just doing it online?

Destinations, which is located in the Senator Burns Building, offers lower service charges on bookings, and there are more options that the Travel and Tourism students who run the centre can use to get you the best price, connections, layovers, and other arrangements.

Plus, by using the centre, you are helping students in the Tourism program learn.

“We have the international web-online, Galileo vacations,” said Obias.

“You as a customer would only go to WestJet or Air Canada and you wouldn’t know some other resources to help you find the best flights.

“Just come by, if you have any pricing inquires, and we are here to help,” she said.

Addis Regassa, a WestJet flight attendant and former student of the Travel and Tourism program at SAIT, said there are many SAIT students he sees on his flights.

“I see students and I always ask where they booked their tickets,” said Regassa.

“If they don’t say the Destinations Centre, I always recommend it because I know first-hand that they can save money or find better flights going through them than online.”

The Destinations Centre is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Get High: The SAIT Travel Centre in Senator Burns in Calgary on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017. Students and staff can get the best deals on flights and vacations at the travel centre.(Photo by Aly Khan/The Press)
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